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Justin Blackmon

So he is suspended indefinitely – for the rest of the year. Yes, he is not so bright. Let us all hope he gets the help he needs. If you have a lot of holes to fill at the WR position not a bad guy talent wise to take a gamble on for next year. He will be eligible for reinstatement next season. His talent is huge, but his issues are many. Risk might pay off if you want to try and get someone with a ton of talent on the cheap.


Time to do team self analysis

OK now is the time that you need to take stock of your team. Is this possibly your year? If not time to find the guys you can part with, send to a contending team and build for the future. You need to know what potential there is in the upcoming draft. If it is a bad draft you may want to take on more players. I usually like a player/pick mix. I can hedge my bets that way. Try and “help out” the guy that has a good team and lost someone to injury might be able to catch him in a panic and get a good base to build off of.

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